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Know the Signs of Hearing Loss

As the nation recognizes Better Hearing and Speech Month this May, Harbin Clinic Audiologist Dr. Bayle Anderson encourages families to learn the early signs of hearing loss.

About two to three of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears. Among school-age children (6-19 years of age), almost 15% have some degree of hearing loss. According to new data from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), lack of awareness about the signs of communication disorders—including hearing loss—is the leading factor that keeps families from understanding when to take action.

Sarah Merrell, AuD

“It’s important for families to be able to recognize the signs of hearing loss and speech delays. Also, let your pediatrician know if your child has a family history of hearing loss.” said Dr. Anderson. “Although most babies in the United States are screened for hearing loss as newborns in the hospital, hearing difficulties can develop months or years after birth. I encourage a family with any questions about their child’s hearing to visit a certified audiologist for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.”

During a child’s first visit to a Harbin audiologist, parents will be asked questions about the child’s medical and hearing history. Then, the audiologist will look into the child’s ears using a special light, called an otoscope, to check for anything in the ear canal that might affect the test results. Finally, there are several types of hearing tests a patient might undergo to determine:

  1. Whether there is a hearing loss
  2. The degree of hearing loss
  3. Whether one or both ears is affected
  4. The best treatment options for you

Parent who are trying to figure out whether they need to be referred to a Harbin audiologist should look for these signs in children:

  • Does not alert to sound (birth – 3 months)
  • Does not respond when you call their name (7–9 months)
  • Does not follow simple directions (13–18 months)
  • Shows delays in speech and language development (birth – 3 years)
  • Has difficulty achieving academically, especially in reading and math
  • Is socially isolated and unhappy in school

For more information, families who would like to have their child evaluated can contact one of Harbin Clinic’s three audiology locations in Rome, Cartersville or Calhoun.

Published May 9, 2023

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