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For other questions you may have aside from health-related issues, please contact Harbin Clinic via the form below. Remember this method is not appropriate for urgent or private medical issues. If you have questions about your health care, please visit the patient portal or call your physician’s office. To request your medical records, click here.

Please send mail to any Harbin Clinic provider or practice by using the following address:

Please call us at the following number:

Information Protection

At Harbin Clinic, we care about your personal information. We want you to be aware that our billing-related phone calls will never occur by a robocall. We will not use automated means to ask for your payment information. We will never ask for your social security number under any circumstance. If we do call with billing matters, you will be connected to a live agent or we will use a robocall that will point you to our patient portal to receive the message. For payment and other communication, please visit our patient portal located here.

For questions on our patient portal, please go to:

Scam Alert

There are many scam artists out there that will attempt to pose as legitimate organizations and seek payment posing as the legitimate company. With current technologies, caller-ID names and phone numbers can be spoofed to appear as someone or something else. Scams take place over phone calls, texts, emails, and even the mail. To find out more about scams and how to avoid or report them, we encourage you to visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer information website located here:

Please visit Online Patient Payments at


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