In-Office Neurofeedback Training

Traditional neurofeedback is done in the office, usually with video games, which are controlled by brain activity, as feedback.

Options to choose from:

  • Movie
  • Video Game

The training doesn’t focus on the content of the video game or movie, but rather your child’s attention and focus to it. It is an exercise for the brain that not only improves attention, but is fun for your child. Neurofeedback is a much more interactive appropach and method to lowering the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

This training is also very comprehensive, completing the package with consultation sessions to monitor progress, orientation and supervision of training. You and your child will be cared for completely in this comprehensive training.

What To Expect With Neurofeedback

Patients should expect to make significant progress in learning how to maintain their attention, reducing hyperactivity, increasing adaptability to change, improving organizational skills as well as many other areas symptomatic of ADD and ADHD.

Duration of Training

The training is two sessions per week, 45 minutes each, for a total of 40 sessions.

There will also be a first consultation and testing before training can begin. Anyone seven years and older can be recommended for training.

Training and Medication

Training can work for patients even while on medication. Several studies have shown that about 80 percent of trainees may reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

The psychologist will consult with the patient’s doctor during training about gradually reducing medication as training progresses. Your patient will be monitored throughout the entire training. Never change or stop medications without first consulting with your primary care doctor.


Results vary from patient to patient, but improvements typically show up within the first five training sessions. The improved calmness and focus can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours after a training session.

These improvements tend to start increasing and lasting throughout the day after 10 to 20 sessions.

Getting Started

Requirements for beginning Neurofeedback Training include:

  • Being diagnosed with ADHD
  • Must be seven years or older

On the first initial assessment meeting scheduled, the psychologists will conduct a clinical interview, explore appropriateness of treatment, and then direct a psychological technician to administer the ADD/ADHD test battery. The results are then reviewed by the psychologist to identify patient’s strengths and weaknesses. If approved, training may start as soon as the next week.

Note: If patients have had an evaluation within the last two years done by another psychologist, our psychologist will need to review it. If the evaluation does not meet the requirements for neurofeedback training, then an updated evaluation is needed.



There are a few payment options for in-office training. The training takes place twice a week for 40 sessions.

Paying up front offers a 25 percent discount, for a total of $2,100.

Payment can be made in two installments, resulting in a total of $2,250. The first installment of $1,125 is due at the first session, and the second installment of $1,125 is due at the 21st session.

Paying per session results in a cost of $75 per session for a total of $3,000.

Neurofeedback Training isn’t covered by all insurance companies. Be sure to contact your insurance provider to better prepare for a payment plan.

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