Where should you go when the unexpected happens? Going to the right place for your medical condition is just as important as getting the right treatment. Knowing the difference between primary care, immediate care and emergency care an save you time and money. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, go to the ER immediately. 

Primary Care can help treat common illnesses, chronic illnesses and manage your overall health because they have an established relationship with you and know your medical history.

Immediate Care can help you with non-life-threatening medical issues that could become worse if not treated quickly. This care is available for issues that occur before or after your primary care provider’s normal business hours, or if your usual provider is not available.

Emergency Care is for serious medical conditions that threaten your life. For these, every second counts.

Why Immediate Care?

Seeking treatment at Immediate Care when if comes to non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, can save your time and money. Choosing the right level of care is up to you as the patient.


  • Quicker access to care for non-life threatening illnesses and/or injuries
  • Lower co-payments than a hospital emergency room or urgent care
  • No appointment necessary
  • Extended hours
  • Open every day of the year with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas


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