Prior to the 2011 grand opening of the Cancer Center, Harbin Clinic was already privileged to have one of the finest cancer treatment programs in the country. Harbin Clinic’s physicians and administrators saw an opportunity to do something unprecedented in the region – create a complete healthcare experience for cancer patients. The result was the Harbin Clinic Tony E. Warren, MD Cancer Center. For the first time ever in Northwest Georgia, patients could experience complete cancer treatment, intervention, support, and survivor-care in one convenient location.

In 2000, Rome joined Columbus, Albany, Savannah, and Atlanta as a hub for research and clinical excellence in cancer care. From the beginning, interdisciplinary collaboration was a core value encouraged in a profound way. Few communities have the research and doctors with clinical excellence to compare with the team that forms Harbin Clinic Cancer Center. Under the direction of Dr. Tony E. Warren, Harbin Clinic Pulmonologist, weekly Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences began in 2003. These weekly conferences have since expanded to meet several days a week, and are the foundation of providing complete cancer care across multiple specialties. These steps were paving the way to a world-class Cancer Center.

However, there were several developments that still needed to happen outside of Harbin Clinic to make the Cancer Center dream a reality. Just two years later, Rome Radiation Oncology Center joined Harbin Clinic. The creation of Cancer Navigators, a not-for-profit agency that offers a broad scope of services primarily to newly diagnosed cancer patients, was the next ingredient in the formula for the new cancer center. Rome’s participation in clinical trials for new treatments was a key component to the Cancer Center, as well. With the help of the Georgia Cancer Coalition and Bill Todd, more than 50 different clinical trials have been brought to the Rome cancer team. In an incredible act of unity for the good of our community, Floyd Medical Center and Redmond Regional Medical Center joined with Harbin to bring a new CT-PET scanner to the comprehensive cancer center, completing the necessary components to build a brick and mortar cancer center.

Groundbreaking & Ribbon Cutting

In February 2010, a groundbreaking and naming ceremony was held at the site of the new cancer center – Harbin Clinic Tony E. Warren, M.D. Cancer CenterShortly after, construction began on a building that is as special and unique as the people and services it houses. A hidden beam high inside the building of the cancer center carries names of thousands affected by cancer with over 3000 names and messages hand-written on it.

Unique and inspiring art adorns the walls of the Cancer Center.  The art includes portraits of 24 local cancer survivors accompanied by each individual’s story of their journey.  This project named “Faces of Hope”, honors these individuals, and allows their words to inspire and encourage others. The center also has beautiful nature and wildlife photography by Dr. Bill Harbin.  Dr. Bill Harbin, a radiologist with Rome Radiology, is also a world-renowned nature photographer and winner of prestigious international photography awards.  Dr. Harbin donated 30 of his images from his travels to the cancer center. Each framed photograph is accompanied by a description of the subject matter and the location it was taken.  Dr. Bill Harbin is the son of Dr. Tom Harbin, one of the founding fathers of Harbin Clinic.

A lot of healthcare facilities may claim to have a cancer center, but Harbin Clinic Cancer Center is the only true center in the region to offer complete cancer care. Today, the center features centralized care, state-of-the-art technology, specially trained nurses, outpatient cancer services, and a beautiful building in the heart of downtown Rome.  That means patients have convenient access to comprehensive healthcare services, technologies, resources and medical experts in more than 35 specialties, in addition to spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, and social support.

Harbin Clinic Cancer Center is the culmination of a dream that was set in motion more than a decade ago. Throughout this journey to becoming what we are today, our mission is and has always been complete cancer care.


Awards and Certifications
  • Georgia Association of Clinical Oncology Practice of the Year Award for three consecutive years (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Quality Oncology Initiative Program – QOPI Certified in 2011
  • American College of Radiology Radiation Oncology Accredited in 2011


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