Before proceeding with evaluation for weight loss surgery, every patient must attend either a 90-minute online information session or attend a live, two-hour information session led by Dr. Scott. At this session, the doctor will explain the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery and the lifestyle and dietary changes required peri-operatively.  Once you have completed a session and remain interested, you will need to complete a patient information packet and we will begin to facilitate the process of arranging the required screening and education.


Many commercial and private insurances vary depending on the carrier. If you are interested in talking with them before your first visit, call the number listed on the back of your insurance card and ask them about weight loss surgery coverage. Find out what sort of documentation your family doctor needs to provide to the insurance company and to your bariatric coordinator. Being prepared with this information will often ensure a speedier and more favorable determination from your insurance carrier.

Either mail this information to your bariatric coordinator before your office consultation or bring it with you on the day of your visit.  Our bariatric navigator will also help you navigate your insurance requirements after you participate in an informational seminar.

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Letter of Referral

Please ask your doctor to dictate a letter documenting that he or she has supervised medical weight reduction programs for you and that he or she is now referring you for evaluation for bariatric surgery due to the ineffective medical weight loss efforts.


  • A longstanding history of obesity
  • Numerous failed efforts of supervised, medical weight loss
  • No correctable, metabolic cause for obesity
  • Need to be evaluated for possible bariatric surgery in order to improve your health
  • If you are a Blue Cross Blue Shield patient, your physician will need to state that you are either “medically cleared for surgery” or of “acceptable operative risk.”

Referral Letter PDF

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