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Welcome Drs. Barfield, Hiser, and Inhulsen

Cartersville, GA— Drs. Mary Katherine Barfield, Roger Hiser and Christopher Inhulsen have been caring for patients in Cartersville for years, and soon they will be bringing their spirit of complete care to Harbin Clinic. The team will be moving their office to the Harbin Clinic Cartersville building at 150 Gentilly Boulevard and will begin seeing patients on June 1st.

“We are excited to welcome these three physicians to the Harbin Clinic team,” said Kenna Stock, CEO of Harbin Clinic. “They have an excellent reputation within the community and we are thrilled to have them on board.”

Having worked closely with Harbin Clinic providers across all specialties, the three established physicians already feel well connected to the Harbin Clinic network.

“Harbin Clinic is the perfect fit for our patients to enjoy excellent continuity of care, because we have had relationships with the Harbin Clinic specialists in our area for a very long time,” says Dr. Barfield, a family medicine physician.

All three doctors grew up in small towns and have come to love the Cartersville community. The team looks forward to the opportunity to continue working together to serve patients in Bartow County at Harbin Clinic.

Dr. Mary Katherine Barfield

Dr. Barfield grew up in Cedartown, as did her parents and grandparents, so coming back to Northwest Georgia after her medical training was a very comfortable choice for her and her husband.

“I wanted to be a doctor for as far back as I can remember,” she recalls. “Maybe it was Dr. Smith who did house calls for our family that inspired me, but I’ve always wanted to be a Primary Care doctor and never deviated from that plan.”

Dr. Barfield believes that it was her upbringing that taught her to treat her patients as if she were treating her own family. Because of that dedication, she has multiple generations of family members that are in her care. And the motto that she follows in caring for them is that a healthy lifestyle comes first and that medications come second, if they must.

“I tell my patients that, in life, the most important habits for good health are getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly and eating a healthy whole foods diet,” she says.

Dr. Barfield received her medical degree from Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, Ga, and completed her residency at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Fl. In 2015 she received the Frist Humanitarian Award for excellence in her field.

Dr. Roger Hiser

Dr. Hiser, an internal medicine physician, grew up in the small community of Whitehouse, Ohio and credits his early interest in science for bringing him to the medical field.

“I was always interested in the body and physiology and how the body worked. I was more inclined in science so that’s what got me started in medicine,” he remembers.

He found internal medicine particularly appealing because he enjoyed working in a variety of disciplines to help people dealing with chronic illness get better.

“It seems simple, but sometimes we get so caught up in different algorithms and formulas in treating our patients that we forget to focus on just helping the patient feel better,” he points out. “They come to our office to feel better, and it’s important to listen to their needs and focus on that.”

That caring relationship that Dr. Hiser develops with his patients is what led him to become board-certified in hospice and palliative care.

“I began to notice that I would spend years developing a relationship with my patients and their families, but when they got to the point of transitioning to hospice, I would lose the ability to be there for them at the end,” Hiser recalls. “Right at the end is when your patient and their family need you the most, and it was important to me to be able to complete that support for them.”

Dr. Hiser received his medical degree from Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed his residency at Medical University of South Carolina.

Dr. Christopher Inhulsen

Dr. Inhulsen, an internal medicine physician, was inspired to become a doctor watching his father’s career as a doctor in Montezuma, Ga.

“My Dad was a small town doctor and he was my inspiration to go into medicine,” he remembers. “The desire to help people is what inspires many of us, the hope of using our gifts and interests to help people. My father is who modeled that for me.”

A passion for helping people deal with chronic illness improve their lives is what drew Dr. Inhulsen to internal medicine in particular.

“I enjoy the times that I can make a difference for my patients by offering them comfort and clarity and helping alleviate their worries,” he says. “When you can relieve your patient’s concerns and get them on the right track with their medications and treatment, that feels good.”

His wife is from the Cartersville area, and they enjoy being close to her family and the community.

“Cartersville has a nice small town feel but has a lot of amenities that you would find in a bigger city. It is the perfect balance,” explains Inhulsen.

Dr. Inhulsen received his medical degree from Mercer University School of Medicine and completed his residency at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon, Ga.

All three doctors will begin taking appointments on May 1st and seeing patients on June 1st at their offices in Cartersville. For more information please click here

Published April 28, 2020

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