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Pediatrics Adairsville Welcomes Dr. Chelsea Tehan

Harbin Clinic is excited to welcome Dr. Chelsea Tehan to Harbin Clinic Pediatrics Adairsville. Dr. Tehan is eager to start caring for the children of Adairsville and will begin seeing patients on August 9. 

“Dr. Tehan is a delightful and compassionate pediatrician,” says Dr. Sara Harbin Pickett of Pediatrics Adairsville. “We look forward to welcoming her expertise, extensive knowledge-base, and joyful personality.”  

One thing Dr. Tehan prioritizes is really getting to know her patients. “As a pediatrician, I hope to be there for your children through every stage of their young lives. I aspire to care for a community of children and then care for their children…and their children’s children!” 

Dr. Chelsea Tehan

Dr. Tehan personally experienced the significance of healthy doctor-patient relationships first as a child and then again during medical school as she shadowed a family medicine doctor in a rural community. Her aunt would often bring her to work as a child, where she served as a pediatric nurse. As she followed the pediatrician from room to room while he visited patients, she felt a deep respect for the ways families allowed him to be a part of their lives. 

While in medical school, Dr. Tehan did a rotation with a family medicine doctor in Bonifay, FL. This family medicine doctor was one of only six total doctors in the rural town. She also practiced obstetrics, delivered babies, and served a weekly 24-hour shift at the hospital as an ER doctor. Experiencing the dedication, the intellectual capacity, and the need in such a community, Dr. Tehan felt called to serve in rural communities as well. 

“Working in that rural community opened my eyes to how many people needed care from a medical professional they could trust,” explains Dr. Tehan. “I love serving my patients in a variety of ways based on their individual needs.” 

After medical school, Dr. Tehan pursued additional training in pediatric mental health. She recognized the critical need to treat and care for young patients navigating mental health challenges, and she wanted to be equipped and ready to help. 

“In many smaller communities, there are often not enough psychiatrists available to young patients,” says Dr. Tehan. “I continued to educate myself about this essential element of pediatrics so that I am better prepared to care for my patients.” 

Dr. Tehan is very excited to start working at Harbin Clinic Adairsville and work with a physician-owned organization. She strongly agrees with Harbin Clinic’s emphasis on families and doctors making decisions together about a patient’s healthcare journey. 

Outside of the office, Dr. Tehan and her family have four horses, chickens, dogs, and cats, and they love to travel.

Dr. Chelsea Tehan received her medical degree from Florida State University College of Medicine and completed her pediatric residency and internship at the University of South Florida. Dr. Tehan will begin seeing patients on August 9. Visit Harbin Clinic Pediatrics Adairsville to schedule an appointment.

Published May 5, 2022

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