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Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brad Bushnell Shares Rotator Cuff Research at ESSSE International Meeting

Dr. Brad Bushnell, Orthopedic Surgeon at Harbin Clinic Orthopedics Rome, recently served on the international faculty of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow (ESSSE) at their 2021 International Meeting in Poznan, Poland. The meeting took place September 15 and spanned three days. While there, Dr. Bushnell shared expertise and insight with more than 1,000 other professionals in his field from around the globe.

Founded in 1987 by French and Swiss orthopedic specialists, the ESSSE aims to promote collaboration and education among the orthopedic shoulder and elbow surgical field. It currently consists of over 1,000 members representing over 40 different countries across Europe and beyond. After the 2020 meeting was postponed due to the pandemic, this year was the 29th annual meeting of this society, in which experts and researchers all participated to add to the conversation. 

While in Poland, Dr. Bushnell led a panel discussion on biologic enhancement of rotator cuff healing alongside ESSSE President Dr. Emilio Calvo-Crespo (Madrid) and ESSSE Program Chair Dr. Przemyslaw Lubiatowski (Poznan). Additionally, Dr. Bushnell presented new research findings from a recent multi-center US-registry based study of a bioinductive bovine collagen implant used to repair the rotator cuff.  

Though the new bovine collagen implant was released in the European market just over a year ago, this technology has been improving rotator cuff surgery outcomes for over seven years in Rome, Georgia. Dr. Bushnell was the fourth surgeon in the United States to use the implant in 2014. 

Harbin Clinic is one of 19 centers around the country that participated in this rotator cuff implant study, joining forces with institutions in Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York, Michigan, and other locations nationally.  Harbin Clinic is the leading site of enrollment in the country, and the Orthopedic Department continues to participate in ongoing research with Dr. Bushnell and fellow Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mark Floyd.

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Published October 1, 2021

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