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Question: How do I keep my child’s brain active now that school is out?

Dr. Robersteen Howard: Although summer can provide children with a relaxing break from school, the two-month vacation often results in the “summer slide”, or the decline of your child’s academic skills. To prevent this setback, follow these tips to keep your child mentally active over the summer.

Reading: Having your child read for 20 minutes a day can prevent them from losing reading comprehension or writing skills. Most libraries have a summer reading program that encourages children to read by giving them motivating incentives. You can always create your own summer reading program if a library isn’t accessible. For children who have issues with reading, audiobooks can also help develop valuable listening and reading skills.

Online educational games: If your child loves spending time on digital devices, you can make their screen time educational by having them play academic games. There are various websites and apps that require memory, math skills, and reading comprehension skills. This will settle their desire to be on a screen while also keeping their brain active.

Keeping a journal: Having your children write for 20 minutes a day helps prevent them from losing writing and vocabulary skills. This is also beneficial to their mental health by providing them with a space to express themselves.

The physicians at Harbin Clinic Pediatrics care completely about the physical, mental and emotional well-being of your child in every stage of development.

Published June 26, 2021

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