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Question: How do I keep my child safe around the pool?

Dr. Todd Kelley: Summer days spent by the pool or the beach can be exciting, but water can also be extremely dangerous for children if the correct precautions aren’t in place. To prevent a potentially dangerous situation, here are some tips that parents should follow to make the time spent by the pool this summer fun and safe.

Always supervise your children. Supervision is the number one rule when it comes to keeping your children safe, especially around all bodies of water.

Enroll your child in swimming lessons. Although swimming lessons don’t erase the need for adult supervision, they can better equip your child and decrease the risk of a dangerous situation.

Fence in your pool. Pool owners should have barriers in place around their pool because it’s a great way to keep your children out and prevent them from entering the area without adult supervision. Fences, gates, and pool covers are all great ways to keep the area secure and safe.

Learn CPR. Learning CPR is a great way for parents to be on the safe side in case of an emergency. An alternative is making sure another adult present knows CPR.

Teach your kids proper pool etiquette. Make sure your children know basic pool rules, such as no running around the pool, no jumping in headfirst, and no pushing others into the pool.

Keep life jackets and emergency flotation devices nearby. For children who aren’t the strongest swimmers, life jackets are highly encouraged until they are more comfortable with the water. Keeping emergency flotation devices on hand is also crucial.

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Published June 5, 2021

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