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A weekly column addressing your most sought-after health questions, answered by Harbin Clinic’s expert healthcare professionals.

Question: How do I help my child deal with stress?

Dr. Melissa Davis: Stress is a normal human reaction experienced by everyone — even kids. As children enter their school-age years, many external and internal factors invoke stress, and it’s important for a parent to know how to help his or her child respond in healthy ways. Before you decide to make a trip to the doctor, there are things you can implement into your home life to help ease your child’s stress levels.

Create a relaxed home atmosphere that makes your child feel safe and calm.

Monitor what your child watches on television and the games they play. Violent shows or games can increase stress and anxiety.

Give your child a heads up on anticipated changes, like moving to a new neighborhood or changing schools.

Practice validating your child’s feelings without attempting to fix the situation. Being a genuine and non-judgmental listener empowers children.

Encourage your child to get outside and to get involved in sports or social activities.

Make sure you are providing affection and encouragement to your child.

If you want to learn more about how to help manage your child’s stress, Advocates for Children is holding a Stress Management discussion panel on April 29th on their Facebook page. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Advocates for Children is hosting many events throughout the month focused on positive parenting, stress management, and more. The Exchange Club Family Resource Center in Rome, Georgia is also a great organization that offers help for families to implement stress-management tactics, enhance behavior management skills, and learn ways to help children grow and develop. The American Academy of Pediatrics sponsors an online resource for parents that addresses many health concerns (

Harbin Clinic Pediatrics providers manage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their patients in every stage of development. They work with other medical specialists and healthcare professionals to provide for the health and emotional needs of children. Know that your pediatrician is there to help you and your child take the first steps toward good mental health!

Published April 24, 2021

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