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Radiation therapy is the use of various forms of radiation to safely and effectively treat cancer and other diseases. Radiation therapy works by damaging the genetic material within cancer cells and limiting their ability to successfully reproduce.

Radiation oncologists are the only physicians with the expertise and training to prescribe and deliver radiation therapy treatments. In addition to college and medical school, five years of additional training are required for radiation oncologists. Radiation oncologists receive extensive training in cancer medicine, in the safe use of radiation to treat disease and in managing any side effects caused by radiation.

Harbin Clinic Radiation Oncology offers Northwest Georgia cancer patients the world’s most advanced physician-directed cancer treatment technologies delivered with expertise and integrity by a caring and compassionate staff. Our radiation oncology services are accredited by the American College of Radiation (ACR).

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Dr. Abdou & Dr Mumber head up an extremely talented group of professionals. When informed that I had prostate cancer and needed Radiation therapy I was in a deep state of uncertainty. My initial meeting with Dr. Abdou to go over the plan and procedures was held in a living room atmosphere rather than a doctors office. After watching a video about radiation treatment, Dr. Abdou went over everything step by step in easily understandable language and spent all the time needed for questions and concerns. I can honestly say we left there feeling extremely comfortable with the treatment.

During my treatments all of the nurses, technical and clerical staff were well organized, competent and above all friendly making the treatments as satisfying as possible.

Don B.

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