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Spring Clean Your Life for Good Health

Spring is in full swing in Northwest Georgia, and the blooming flowers, longer days and warmer weather serves as a perfect time for everyone to start anew on the path to a healthy lifestyle. “One of the best way to help prevent serious illness and disease is to visit your primary care physician for annual health screenings” Harbin Clinic physician Dr. Brian McNiece says. “Knowing more about your medical history and overall health allows doctors to help keep you healthy.” 

Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Cartersville Welcomes Dr. Donna Gregory

Dr. Donna Gregory’s quest is to help you become the champion of your health. As a family medicine physician, she works on the frontline with her patients to help identify their wellness objectives and structure action plans so they achieve their best health.

Are You Heart Healthy? Dr. Rajeeve Subbiah Provides Simple Ways To Stay Proactive & Keep Your Heart Happy

“Most everyone knows that if you’re having chest pains, you might be having a heart attack,” Harbin Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Rajeeve Subbiah says. “But only about 20 percent of Americans know what the other heart attack symptoms are.”

Harbin Clinic Helped Bring World-Class Heart Care to Northwest Georgia

In 2018, finding excellent and cutting-edge cardiovascular care in Northwest Georgia isn’t hard, but that wasn’t always the case. More than three decades ago, a group of Harbin Clinic doctors realized the need for heart care in the area and began working toward bringing the programs to our community.

Get Out Your Green Gear, Leprechaun-a-thon 2018 is Here

It’s time to get out your green, glowing gear and get ready to race along a flat, fast 5K course and party down with more than 600 of your closest friends in a giant wall of foam. The 2018 Harbin Clinic Leprechaun-a-thon is just around the corner, and the seventh edition of one of the largest 5K races in Rome offers a festive experience for all runners, walkers and spectators.