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Tips for Healthy Eating When Routines Drastically Change

A change in routine and heightened stress levels during the COVID-19 pandemic have created the perfect storm for stress eating. Instead of going to work and eating a planned lunch, you may be taking repeated kitchen breaks with kids at home that lead to unplanned snacking. Instead of managing stress by working out at the gym, joining friends for a fun night out together or going to a movie, you may be self-soothing with food.
And unfortunately, the chips, sweets and other tempting treats that may quiet your kids end up sabotaging your good intentions.

NWGA Medical Leaders: Stay Home & Help Us Curb COVID-19 Transmission

Northwest Georgia medical and public health leaders continue to work closely and collaboratively to aggressively combat the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, and citizen cooperation with recent guidelines is critical to that effort. As we continue to see an increase of cases in the Northwest Georgia area, it is clear that we must work harder to reduce our contact with others and curb transmission of the illness.

The Definitive Guidelines (and dance moves) For Washing Your Hands

We all know the importance of washing our hands in the effort to slow the spread of respiratory illnesses like the coronavirus (COVID-19). But do we know exactly how we should wash our hands and the appropriate steps to fully scrub away those germs?

This healthy habit of hand washing has recently become a trending topic. But healthcare professionals continue to stress the importance that this should be something we practice all year round.