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Why You Should Schedule a Wellness Visit for Your Teen


Parents are well-versed in the importance of milestone wellness visits for their babies, toddlers and growing kiddos but sometimes these exams for teens fall to the wayside. It’s important to remember that wellness visits are essential at every age, not just for toddlers and tykes. 

As your child enters into adolescence and goes through their teen years, wellness appointments become much more than an exam filled with growth charts and routine shots. They are vitally important to the overall well-being of your teenager. Your pediatrician’s role changes as your child grows and develops, and as you and your child navigate adolescence, your pediatrician has the opportunity to become an essential and active health partner. They can provide helpful advice, guidance and accurate information through this time of transition.

Wellness exams help make sure that your teen is healthy both inside and out. As their bodies are rapidly changing, a full physical exam with their pediatrician ensures that their development is on track and can help prevent future potential health problems.

More than just an assessment of their physical well-being, a trip to the pediatrician also provides a safe space to discuss the emotional and mental health of your teen. Teenage years can sometimes be difficult and confusing for your child. As your adolescent goes through puberty, they’ll likely experience new emotions or sporadic hormones, and there is a great benefit to having a health advocate they can trust. Since your pediatrician knows your teen’s background, they can better guide them through their physical, mental and sexual health.

Teens can also ask to speak with a pediatrician privately. By feeling empowered about their health, teens have the freedom discuss their own health-related topics and ask confidential questions. They have the opportunity to become more involved in their health and understand their responsibility in the choices that affect their well-being.

Harbin Clinic pediatric wellness visits can easily include a physical for fall sports, as well. There is no need to delay these essential and important visits for your child, regardless of age. Contact your doctor’s office to schedule an appointment or find a provider by visiting Harbin Clinic Pediatrics. 

Published May 12, 2020

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