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Who Nose the Difference?

Spring Vs. Fall Allergies

Just when the weather is perfect for more outdoor activities, everyone with allergies is hiding inside. The azaleas all over town are beginning to bloom, and yellow clouds of pollen are everywhere. But did you know that “showy” flowers like the azalea are not the biggest issue for those struggling with spring allergies? You might be surprised to find that tree pollen is the most common plant to cause an allergic reaction this time of year. After tree pollen, grass and weed pollen cause the most allergic reactions in spring.

But maybe you notice that your allergic reactions differ by season. Patients who experience more allergy triggers in fall may be allergic to ragweed which commonly blooms during this season. The pile-up of fallen, wet leaves in autumn can also set off the allergies of people allergic to mold. Because the seasonal triggers differ, it is common that people struggle with allergies at different times of the year. However, someone could also be allergic to both tree pollen and ragweed, and they may struggle with allergies nearly year-round.

Are you trying to deduce what is making you sneeze year after year? Are you taking all the over-the-counter allergy medicines you can handle and still suffering through congestion and itchy eyes? If so, it is probably time to visit Harbin Clinic ENT & Allergy Care to help you get your symptoms under control.

Dr. Robert King, ENT Physician caring for patients in Rome, Calhoun and Cartersville.

Physicians at Harbin Clinic ENT & Allergy Care will take a look at your medical history and then often administer an allergy test to diagnose which pesky triggers keep bothering you. Once you have a better understanding of which triggers keep you sick, your specialists will work with you to devise the best strategies for managing your reactions on a regular basis. Nip allergies in the bud so that you can stop and smell the roses this spring! Visit Harbin Clinic ENT & Allergy Care Teams in your area.

Content updated April, 2024

Published April 18, 2022

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