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‘Tis the Season to De-Stress and Practice Self-Care

This festive time of year is often filled with fun traditions, lively decorations and precious time with loved ones. For many, the hectic schedules, gift shopping and increased time indoors can also add stress, anxiety and sometimes depression.

During this wonderful yet sometimes overwhelming time of year, it’s important to take some time to check-in on your own well-being and stress levels. At Harbin Clinic, we care completely for the whole person and have provided some helpful tips to reduce holiday anxiety and stay healthy this winter.

Find Time to Relax

It’s okay to take a timeout from the planning, decorating and baking around the holidays. Make sure you set a small goal each day to do something for yourself. Spend a few moments breathing deeply or meditating. Consider taking up a new hobby like journaling, crafting or going for calming walks. Try to do something that puts you first and helps you recharge.

Spend Time Outside

While the days are shorter during the cooler months, it’s important to spend some of your time outdoors. Vitamin D from the sun and fresh air enhances your mood and reinvigorates your body.

Keep Moving

Free time seems to become a rare commodity during the holiday season, but it’s still important to find time to exercise. Physical activity releases chemicals in our body called endorphins that promote feelings of happiness and positivity. If you’re having a hard time establishing an exercise routine, try incorporating more physical movement into your day: take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk in the evenings or on your lunch break, or play with your kids in the front yard before dinner.

Make Healthy Food Choices

Holiday meals are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! When making your holiday menu, consider recipes that incorporate nutritious foods in addition to your favorite treats. Throughout the holiday season, work to incorporate whole grains, a variety of fruits and vegetables and lean protein into your regular meal plan. Healthy foods give you more energy so that you can feel better and participate in all the holiday festivities.

Harbin Clinic wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season. If you continue to feel blue after the snow melts away, talk to your doctor about your concerns. 

Content was updated as of December 2022.

Published December 3, 2020

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