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There’s No Place Like Harbin for the Holidays

We’re feeling extra thankful this holiday season, and we just wrapped up sharing a few special moments of gratitude and kindness amongst our employees. From welcoming someone new to their team to helping a patient locate the practice they’re visiting, our employees make Harbin Clinic a great place to visit during the holidays and throughout the year!

Join us in celebrating these amazing employees who remind us of the real meaning of the season!

Elizabeth Martinez, Coding & Billing Clerk with Harbin Clinic Urology

Sherry Thompson, Coding & Billing Clerk at Harbin Clinic Urology Rome, gave praise to her teammate Elizabeth Martinez. Sherry says, “No matter what the problem or the situation is, Elizabeth is always willing and ready to jump in and help. Harbin Clinic Urology is truly blessed and honored to have such an awesome employee.”

Lynda Kay, Phlebotomist & Office Lab Tech with Harbin Clinic Pediatrics Rome Davis Sabino

Kaye Morgan and Christi Young with Employee Health recognized fellow team member Lynda Kay, Phlebotomist & Office Lab Technician at Harbin Clinic Pediatrics Rome Davis Sabino for her selflessness and positive attitude. They said, “A high five and shout out to Lynda Kay! Lynda always goes out of her way to help everyone. Whether it is for wellness labs, employee health new hires, physicians, or patients, she is consistently one of the best! We are so grateful for her and her amazing, sweet personality. Thank you for always going above and beyond!”

Jane Stone, Patient Service Representative with Harbin Clinic Cardiology Rome 

Jackie Fennell shared a thoughtful exchange between Jane Stone, Patient Service Representative at Harbin Clinic Cardiology Rome, and a patient. She says, “Jane was on her way to lunch one day and saw a senior patient parked far away from the building he was heading toward. Jane met the patient and walked him to the front door. Once there, she made sure he got to where he was going.” 

Buster Knowles, Maintenance

Rachel Ward showed her praise for all the hard work Buster puts in for the Cartersville locations every day! She says, “Buster is always there when we need him! He does it ALL! We would not survive the week without him.”

Tensi Scott, Licensed Practical Nurse with Family Medicine Cartersville

Back Office Tech, Lindsey Simpkins, thanks Tensi Scott for all her help with training and onboarding. She shares, “Ms. Tensi is not only an amazing LPN, but she is also an awesome teacher! She has no problem sharing her knowledge, allowing me to pick her brain, and training me with such a positive attitude. She is a pleasure to work with!”

Tina McDowell, Practice Manager with Family Medicine Cedartown

Kaye Morgan and Christi Young with Employee Health gave a big shout-out and thank you to Tina McDowell. They shared, “Tina went way out of her way to help our team with a recent patient interaction. The patient had already left a Rome office and lived in Cedartown. Tina arranged for her to come to their office for bloodwork instead of traveling back to Rome. Tina personally took the sample to the testing facility that day so it would be processed as soon as possible. She was a tremendous help to us, and we appreciate her extra effort more than she knows!”

Thank you, everyone, for all you do to care completely for each other and our patients!

Published December 28, 2022

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