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Prescribe Outside: Thanks For Spending Your Summer With Us!

Thanks for joining Harbin Clinic this summer for a series of outdoor activities and events, encouraging patients and families to spend more time outside. We had a blast experiencing the scavenger hunt through your eyes, hiking, seeing friends on the river, and getting a workout with you on Saturday mornings. Keep in mind as summer ends, studies from the National Institute of Health show engaging with nature can boost both mental and physical health — so keep it up!

Harbin Clinic would also like to thank the local nonprofits who helped us offer experiences this summer: Coosa River Basin Initiative (CRBI) for a second year of advancing the healthy use of local rivers through the CRBI Swim Guide, the local YMCA for offering free outdoor kickboxing classes, and TRED for allowing Dr. Charlie Baggett to lead one of their Walk and Talk hikes this summer. 

Don’t forget to check out our library of resources for safe, outdoor activities:

How We Spent Our Summer!

Published September 14, 2023

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