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National Healthy Skin Month: Care That’s More Than Skin-Deep

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and yet it is commonly forgotten as a key health indicator. It’s easy to think that skin doesn’t have a big effect on your health – that it’s only skin-deep – but the truth is your skin can tell you a lot about your overall wellness.

This November is National Healthy Skin Month, and we want to make sure you know what it takes to keep your skin healthy, especially during the colder months. But maybe you are not sure what your needs are or where to start. Our dermatologists recommend these top five practices for taking extra care of your skin as we enter the cold months:

Wear sunscreen & check for changes: Summer may be over but that does not mean we are not still being exposed to the sun. Applying broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 should be a daily practice, not just one for sunny vacations. Sunscreen application is the best protection against all types of skin cancer. Finally, pay attention to changes in your skin. Don’t brush off new spots or unique-looking marks.

In winter, maximize moisture: Cold air pulls moisture from your skin, as does the dry heat in your home and hot showers or baths. In the winter, there are several ways to add moisture back to your skin:

  • User a richer daily moisturizer
  • Drink water, drink water, drink water
  • Use humidifiers to add moisture back into the air
  • Pick a lukewarm shower over a hot one

Know your skin type: Another important part of skincare is understanding what you need. In the same way that there are different size feet and different hair textures, different skin types must be treated in different ways. Consider your skin, and ask yourself which category you are most like:

  • Sensitive skin – products sting or irritate skin
  • Normal – clear with no reaction to products
  • Dry – flaky, itchy, rough
  • Oily – Often shiny or greasy
  • Combination – areas of oily or greasy skin

Once you know your skin type, consider a simple routine for keeping your skin fresh and clean. Start with a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Keep hands away from the face: This is a simple but difficult task for many, but touching your face spreads dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands and can cause irritation. Use reminders like scented lotion and visual cues to break the habit.

Cover up!: As we mentioned, cold air chaps your skin, so don’t forget to bundle up. It’s not just about warmth. Protect your hands, lips, and neck from losing their moisture!

With a dermatology team that specializes in skin protection, diagnosing and treatment of a variety of skin and epidermal conditions, we are ready to care for all your skincare needs completely. This November, celebrate the skin you are in by adding these simple habits to your winter days, and to learn more about Harbin Clinic Dermatology, visit us at Harbin Clinic Dermatology.

Published November 23, 2021

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