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Harbin Clinic and CRBI Promote Safe Summer Recreation with Launch of Swim Guide

In an effort to inform the public about river water safety in the upper Coosa River basin, the Coosa River Basin Initiative (CRBI) will begin collecting bacterial water samples at 30 popular recreation sites throughout the summer. Sample collections will begin Memorial Day weekend and provide key metrics, such as E.coli levels, every week. This vast project expansion is made possible by the support of Harbin Clinic and Hardy Realty.

“Spending time on our rivers provides ample benefits to our overall well-being,” explains Harbin Clinic psychologist and CRBI Board of Directors President, Dr. Frank Harbin. “Not only does time outdoors offer opportunities to be more physically active, but it also reduces stress and anxiety, decreases blood pressure, and improves mood. Harbin Clinic is committed to ensuring our community has access to healthy, safe river activities, and we are thrilled to partner with CRBI on the expansion of the Swim Guide program.”

Test results can be found on CRBI’s website, the Swim Guide website, or within the swim guide app.  River access points are marked with an icon on an interactive map and will read green or red based on E.coli sample results. When the icon is green, it’s safe to swim, and if it’s red, that means swimming is not recommended at that time. 

“Hardy is honored to partner with CRBI and Harbin Clinic on this summer water quality initiative,” says Jimmy Byars of Hardy Realty. “Our rivers, along with the neighboring lakes, are wonderful assets to our community.”

Anyone making weekend waterway plans can look for results to be published every Friday from May 27th through September 2nd at, or on the swim guide app – instructions to download can be found here:

Promoting awareness and use of the CRBI Swim Guide is part of Harbin Clinic’s Prescribe Outside initiative. Prescribe Outside encourages families and individuals to spend more time in the outdoors by promoting local events and activities. Learn more and view family-friendly summer activities in your area by visiting here.  

Published June 3, 2022

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