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Breast Cancer Awareness & Early Detection: The Sooner, The Better

Harbin Clinic physicians advocate that early detection of breast cancer is critical to successful treatment and recovery, and one of the most accurate ways to detect the disease in its earliest stages is to get a mammogram.

We recommend that women over the age of 40 get a mammogram every year, regardless of their family history or level of risk. At Harbin Clinic Cartersville, patients have the option to get a 3D mammogram. 3D mammograms offer the clearest mammogram images possible while prioritizing the comfort of the patient.

In 2018, Harbin Clinic Imaging Cartersville invested in a state-of-the-art 3D mammography system that provides crystal-clear images of breast tissue from multiple angles. This technology provides high resolution, three-dimensional pictures of the breasts, and gives physicians advanced diagnostic accuracy across all breast types. This makes it easier to detect masses and tumors and begin developing a personalized treatment plan for the patient.

“At Harbin Clinic, we are committed to prevention and early detection of breast cancer,” says Keith Davis, director of operations for Harbin Clinic Imaging. “This new equipment features Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (3D), which is designed to provide improved insight into image quality for more accurate results and a better patient experience.”

This progressive equipment is designed to provide more comfort to patients and help reduce anxiety. The machine utilizes unique paddles that contour the breast for more uniform compression with less discomfort. 

“We encourage every woman to get an annual mammogram,” says Dr. John Simmons of Harbin Clinic General Surgery Cartersville. “3D mammograms allow us to detect the disease earlier and work alongside our fellow physicians and specialties within Harbin Clinic to develop a unique treatment plan and path towards recovery.”

When it comes to breast cancer prevention, understanding how to reduce your risk is key. While certain factors, such as family history, cannot be changed, there are lifestyle choices you can make to minimize a diagnosis.

At Harbin Clinic, our medical experts recommend the following:

·     Limit alcohol consumption.

·     Avoid smoking.

·     Control your weight.

·     Be physically active.

·     Conduct regular breast exams at home.

·     Understand your family history.

·     Schedule an annual mammogram if you’re over the age of 40 or if your doctor advises that you should get them earlier.

To schedule a mammogram or to learn more about the collaborative services provided by the medical professionals at Harbin Clinic, visit Harbin Clinic Imaging Cartersville or Harbin Clinic Imaging Rome.

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Harbin Clinic is Georgia’s largest physician-owned, multi-specialty clinic with more than 220 providers across more than 30 specialties in 20 locations throughout Northwest Georgia. Since 1870 the Harbin family has practiced medicine in the region, founding the Harbin Hospital in 1908 in Rome, Georgia. That hospital grew into the present Harbin Clinic which cares for thousands of patients each day.  Harbin Clinic Cares Completely.

Published October 12, 2021

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