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Harbin Clinic Practices & Providers Win Best of Rome 2023

Harbin Clinic would like to thank everyone in the community for voting for us during Rome News-Tribune’s Best of Rome awards for 2023!

Selected by the people of Rome and its surrounding areas, we are thrilled to announce that ten Harbin Clinic practices and 30 Harbin Clinic providers received Best of Rome awards.

We are grateful for the patients, families and friends who continue to support our organization and team members. Thank you for letting us care completely!

Harbin Clinic Practices

Best Hearing Center – Audiology Rome – 1st Place

Best Ear, Nose & Throat Group – ENT & Allergy Rome – 1st Place

Best Eye Care Group – Eye Center Rome – 1st Place

Best Gastroenterology Group – Gastroenterology, Endoscopy & GI Lab Rome – 1st Place

Best Urgent Care – Immediate Care Rome – 1st Place

Best Orthopedic Group – Orthopedics Rome – 1st Place

Best Physical Therapy Center – Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Rome – 1st Place

Best Chiropractic Group – Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Rome – 2nd Place

Best Dermatology Group – Dermatology Rome – 2nd Place

Best Pediatric Physician Group – Pediatrics Rome – 2nd Place

Harbin Clinic Providers

Best Cardiac / Vascular Specialist – Dr. Charlie Baggett – 3rd Place

Best Chiropractor – Dr. Chris Nelson – 1st Place

Best Chiropractor – Dr. William Hunter – 3rd Place

Best Dermatologist – Dr. Julia Girard – 2nd Place

Best Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist – Dr. Brandon Miller – 1st Place

Best Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist – Dr. Robert King – 2nd Place

Best Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist – Dr. Mary Margaret Beauchamp – 3rd Place

Best Family Doctor – Dr. John-Scott Carroll – 2nd Place

Best Family Doctor – Dr. Frank Hampton – 3rd Place

Best Gastroenterologist – Dr. Stephen Finn – 1st Place

Best Gastroenterologist – Dr. George Goldin – 2nd Place

Best Gastroenterologist – Dr. Whitney Jennings – 3rd Place

Best General Surgeon – Dr. Paul Brock – 1st Place

Best General Surgeon – Dr. J. Ryland Scott – 2nd Place

Best General Surgeon – Dr. Bennett Brock – 3rd Place

Best Internal Medicine Doctor – Dr. Poonam Singh – 3rd Place

Best Nurse Practitioner – Whitney Worthy, AGACNP-BC – 2nd Place

Best Nurse Practitioner – Hollie Gillis, CPNP – 3rd Place

Best OB/GYN – Dr. Diana Vallecilla – 2nd Place

Best OB/GYN – Dr. Raymond Jarvis – 3rd Place

Best Ophthalmologist – Dr. David Herren– 1st Place

Best Ophthalmologist – Dr. Paul Harton – 3rd Place

Best Optometrist – Dr. Caleb Landrum – 1st Place

Best Orthopedist – Dr. Randall Anderson – 1st Place

Best Orthopedist – Dr. Brad Bushnell – 3rd Place

Best Pediatrician – Dr. Melissa Davis – 2nd Place

Best Pediatrician – Dr. Caroline Yaphockun – 3rd Place

Best Physical Therapist – Heather Bowman, MPT – 1st Place

Best Physician Assistant – Ashley McEver, PA-C – 1st Place

Best Physician Assistant – Josh Cutshall, DMSc, PA-C – 3rd Place

Published October 23, 2023

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