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Abby Explores the Prescribe Outside Scavenger Hunt

Have you seen the Harbin Clinic’s Prescribe Outside Scavenger Hunt and wondered what the locations were really like? I’m Abby, a junior at Berry College and intern at Harbin Clinic this summer, and here is my take on these free, family-friendly outdoor activities.

Cooper’s Furnace

My adventure started at Cooper’s Furnace in Cartersville. Situated close to the Etowah River, this huge stone furnace is incredible to see. This structure is the last remaining evidence of the town of Etowah, which was destroyed by General Sherman’s troops in 1864. This furnace was used to make nails, spikes, pots, tools, and cannons, many of which were used during the Civil War and to build railroads. Along with the furnace, there is a playground, soccer field, and stairs down to the river that make for a great spot for a day trip with family or friends.

Manning Mill Park

Next, I walked around Manning Mill Park in Adairsville. This park has a lake in the middle of the gravel walking trail which makes everything even more scenic. It is a mostly shaded walking trail, so the Georgia heat is not too intense. The trail is near a playground and a large open field that would be perfect for a picnic or a family outing. The walking trail offers an easy opportunity to get fresh air and light exercise.

The Big Spring

The Big Spring in Cedartown was my third stop on the scavenger hunt and another location with a rich history. This spring is the second largest limestone spring in the South and was an excellent place to cool off from the Georgia heat. A creek full of clean, refreshing water is perfect to relax by and for to kids to play in. The spring was originally won by the Cherokee Indians in a peaceful baseball game against the Creek Indians, and there are wood-carved statues honoring them near the spring.

Viking Trail at Berry College

As a Berry student, I have always enjoyed walking along Viking Trail. It is the ideal place to go on a walk, bike ride, or run. Summer is fawning season, so I spotted a baby deer and doe before I even made it on the trail! During the summer, there are fewer students, and the wildlife is even more active. The paved path is settled among dense trees that provided a private space for me to appreciate nature. Viking Trail is a short drive from the entrance of Berry College with plenty of parking close by, making it another great option to get outdoors.

Paris Lake at Georgia Highlands College

I started off the following day at Paris Lake and could not believe that I had never visited before. Located behind Georgia Highlands College, Paris Lake is 55 acres with a gravel trail around the perimeter. Hidden behind academic buildings, the lake has a dock for fishing or relaxing and lots of wildlife. There is a pair of Bald Eagles that live near the lake and can sometimes be seen hunting there, as well as ducks, beavers, rabbits, and deer.

The Cave at Rolater Park

I had no idea that a limestone cave that produced fresh spring water was so close by! The Cave at Rolater Park is such a unique experience. Outside of the cave is a pond full of fish that are so fun to watch. It is exciting to feed both the fish and the ducks, while people fill up their containers with the clean spring water coming from the cave. I had some great conversations with Cave Spring locals who informed me about the history of the park. This location is a hidden gem and worth a visit!

Robert Redden Footbridge

The last destination I visited during the scavenger hunt was the Robert Redden Footbridge. This bridge near downtown Rome has always caught my attention, and I am so happy that I finally took the time to explore it. This bridge overlooks three of Rome’s rivers all converging, which made for a stunning view. The Marvel movie “Black Widow” also features the footbridge as one of their locations. While it is currently a pedestrian bridge, it was once a swing bridge used by the Central of Georgia Railway until it was converted in 1976.

The Prescribe Outside scavenger hunt introduced me to many places I did not know existed, but also helped me get in some extra steps this summer. If you are looking to explore a new area of our community or get outside, these are fun, easily accessible places for people of all ages and activity levels.

For more information about Harbin Clinic’s Prescribe Outside campaign and download the map, visit

Published July 27, 2023

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