Women Need To Learn The Facts About Heart Disease

When it comes to women’s heart health, knowledge is power.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one killer of women. However, studies show that only 20 percent of women believe heart disease is their number one health threat. Harbin Clinic Hearts Northwest Georgia and wants everyone to have a strong, healthy heart for many years to come.

“It’s very important that women arm themselves with knowledge about taking care of their hearts,” Harbin Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Maxwell Prempeh says. “We want to make sure everyone realizes heart disease is a very big problem for women. By gaining this knowledge and taking preventative measures, we can help women live longer, heart healthy lives.”

Know the Facts

It’s important that women know about the dangers and risks of heart disease. Here are some key facts about the deadly disease:

  • Heart disease causes one in three deaths in women in the United States each year
  • Statistics show at least 90 percent of women in the United States have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease
  • More women have died from heart disease than men every year since 1984
  • The symptoms of heart disease in women and men can be different

Differing Symptoms

Both men and women can experience heart attack symptoms like gripping chest pain and sudden cold sweats.

However, women often have less recognizable symptoms like pain or discomfort in the stomach, jaw, neck or back, nausea and shortness of breath. These unique symptoms mean some women may be unaware they are experiencing heart issues or a heart attack and may not be getting appropriate treatment.

Aim for Prevention

The American Heart Association estimates that nearly 80 percent of all cardiovascular disease may be preventable and managed through regular health checkups with your primary care physician. 

The biggest key to preventing and battling heart disease is to see your primary care physician for your annual checkup. This allows your physician to catch problems before they become more urgent.

By working with Harbin Clinic’s Cardiac Care Team in Rome and Cartersville women can get the information they need to help treat and prevent heart disease. To learn more about caring for your heart, visit harbinclinic.com/cardiology.