A Woman Named Lari at Family Medicine Calhoun

Imagine you’re in the exam room during a wellness visit. The nurse asks you how you’ve been doing, checks your vitals, and before she walks out, you hear “Larry, the nurse practitioner, will be in with you in just a moment.”

So you wait. Minutes later, you hear a knock and a blonde woman breezes through the door in her white coat and stethoscope.

That woman is Lari (pronounced Larry). That isn’t something you run across every day, but neither is the exceptional, personalized care provided by Lari Johnson at Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Calhoun.

“Patients are surprised to see a female walk in the door, when they have an appointment with ‘Larry’. But, having such an interesting name has always been a great conversation starter,” says Johnson. “My parents knew a girl in college named Loraine, and her nickname was Lari, and I guess you could say they liked that name a lot.”

Johnson recently joined Dr. Kenneth Howard’s growing practice to provide care for more patients in the community. The sense of camaraderie in the office is what she enjoys the most.

“It’s such a great atmosphere; you can feel it when you walk in the door,” she said. “Dr. Howard is one of the most caring people I have ever worked with. When someone shows such love and care for his patients and co-workers, it rubs off on everybody and fosters that culture in the office.”

As an advanced practice provider, or nurse practitioner, Johnson works closely with Dr. Howard to provide a comprehensive range of care including physical exams, diagnosing and treating infections and injuries, monitoring diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, ordering and reviewing lab and imaging studies, prescribing medications and promoting positive health behaviors.

Since 1996, Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Calhoun has been committed to providing optimal care to patients ages 2 to 102. By providing expert primary care and specialty medicine, Harbin Clinic on a quest to improve health and save lives so that the Gordon community flourishes.