Toilet Paper Just Got A Little More Interesting...

We like it soft. We like it strong. We like it readily available. But now, when you visit the restrooms at Harbin Clinic Cartersville, you’ll find a new version that is also informative.


We call it the Toilet Paper, our monthly newsletter intended to provide specialty health facts to keep you strong and informed. The fun, infographic signs are set up for easy viewing (on the doors of stalls and above urinals) while you are working out your business.


At Harbin Clinic, we care completely about providing you with all the information you need so you can make the best decisions for your health. We’ll take any opportunity to capture your attention to provide you with the details.


Our first Toilet Paper focused on primary care’s Core 4 guidelines for the four routine evaluations you should monitor to prevent serious illnesses. If you missed them, you can find information here.


Throughout February, it’s all about your heart. You’ll see the facts our cardiovascular providers want you to pay attention to during Heart Month. Our Harbin Clinic cardiologists and vascular surgeons want to help you keep your heart thumping and your veins flowing.


As if you didn’t have reason enough to look forward to a trip to the john, we at Harbin Clinic are happy to provide you with even more incentive. We look forward to covering all the things you need to know about each of our specialty areas over the coming months. After all, you can never have too much information, and you can never have too much toilet paper.