Sleep Studies Offered

At Harbin Clinic Sleep Disorders Center we offer the following sleep studies:

Initial Sleep Study

This study is used to help detect a variety of sleep disorders. It is most often used to find out if someone has a sleep related breathing disorder, which includes sleep apnea.

CPAP/BI-PAP/ASV Titration Studies

These studies are used to set the right air pressure for CPAP therapy in patients with sleep apnea.

MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test) 

This is a test that is mainly used to diagnose narcolepsy. It measures how quickly you fall asleep during quiet daytime situations and how fast you enter the REM sleep stage.

MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test)

This test is used to measure alertness. It shows whether or not a person is able to stay awake during a certain time frame and if so how sleepy they were.


This daytime study is for patients who have anxiety about starting PAP therapy, are claustrophobic, or are having difficulty tolerating PAP therapy for their sleep-related breathing disorder.

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