Quality Care at Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

Heart failure patients in Cartersville now have access to even more comprehensive cardiology services through the partnership between Harbin Clinic Cardiology Cartersville and Cartersville Medical Center.

The Congestive Heart Failure Clinic at CMC provides individualized care and education for area patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The clinic specializes in helping patients gain a better understanding of their disease process and how to maximize their quality of life while living with a chronic condition. Clinical evaluation and support is provided by Digant Bhatt, MD, FACC, Harbin Clinic cardiologist on staff at Cartersville Medical Center.

Patients suffering from congestive heart failure endure a wide variety of symptoms, including general fatigue, coughing or shortness of breath, fluid retention and more. Often times, these patients make several trips to the hospital.

But the Congestive Heart Failure Clinic will help prevent those hospital visits. The clinic allows cardiologists to see congestive heart failure patients more frequently and monitor their fluid levels and other vitals. They can also administer some IV treatments normally reserved for the hospital.

“We really want them to be treated as an outpatient instead of begin admitted into the hospital to enhance their quality of life,” Harbin Clinic Cardiologist Dr. Digant Bhatt says. “We will also do a lot of education with our patients about diet modification and things they can do at home to reduce the chance of hospitalization.”

Heart failure occurs when the heart is weakened and can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s need for blood and oxygen.

More than 6 million people in the United States suffer from congestive heart failure and almost half of all people who develop it die within five years of begin diagnosed, according to the American Heart Association.

“Heart failure is one of the biggest conditions our country is facing,” Dr. Bhatt says. “But if we work together with our patients and help educate and monitor them, they can still lead good lives.”

For more information about the heart failure clinic and Harbin Clinic's comprehensive cardiovascular program, please visit www.harbinclinic.com/hearthealth.