Pump Your Way into a Healthy Life!

Blood pressure can be imagined as a force that pumps blood through the arteries and delivers energy to our body. Blood pressure has a natural biorhythm that varies throughout the day, but consistently elevated blood pressure is a serious medical condition called hypertension.  Hypertension overworks the heart and increases the risks for serious health issues like coronary disease, stroke and heart failure. According the American Heart Association, nearly 68 million adults in the United States have high blood pressure and only fifty-two percent of them have it under control.

Unlike other medical conditions, high blood pressure often has no visible symptoms, which makes it hard to detect without expert help. Make an appointment for your regular health screenings and get your blood pressure checked today.  

All Harbin Clinic healthcare providers can check and monitor blood pressure, in addition we also have doctors who are specifically certified to focus on blood pressure, blood vessels and the circulatory system. In fact, Harbin Clinic physician Dr. Chacko is one of the few vascular specialists in Georgia that provides healthcare for diseases of the vascular system. He diagnoses and treats all health issues involving the circulatory system outside the heart like arteries, veins, and lymphatics.  

Need to see a vascular physician, or have any more questions about your blood pressure? Call to make an appointment at our Rome Vascular Medicine at 762-235-3390 or Cartersville at 470-490-6670 for more information.