Pediatrics Rome Welcomes Dr. Kathryn Carroll

For Dr. Kathryn Carroll, being a pediatrician is an adventure.

From newborns growing into toddlers to teens developing into young adults, helping her patients reach wellness milestones is a voyage they take together.

“I love being a part of children’s lives as they grow,” says Dr. Carroll. “They’re so fun, wholesome and full of energy, and it’s a wonderful experience to help them learn to be healthy and happy.”

Dr. Carroll discovered the joy of being part of that journey during her residency at OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois. She recalls one of her first patients, where from diagnosis to recovery, Dr. Carroll was an integral part of the process.

“Whenever I would see the child and the family in the hospital or even in the community, we would hug and catch up. They associated me with their whole path to wellness because I was there from the beginning. One of the most exciting parts about being a general pediatrician is being a part of an entire childhood, not just one diagnosis.”

Now, Dr. Carroll begins her journey with Harbin Clinic Pediatrics Rome, where she joins the practice of Dr. Todd Kelley, Dr. Caroline Yaphockun and Dr. Robersteen Howard.

“Dr. Carroll has a true passion for nurturing children's well-being and educating families about their health and wellness,” says Dr. Kelley. “She is an excellent addition to Pediatrics Rome where our mission to help foster healthy, strong kids in our community.”

From High-Tech Hotspots to High-Fives & Hugs

Although she always wanted her career to be involved with medicine, Dr. Carroll did not initially become a doctor. She earned her undergraduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Polymer and Fiber Engineering where her research focused primarily on bone regeneration using plastic materials.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree, she worked as a healthcare consultant, implementing electronic medical records in hospitals all over the country.

“I’m grateful for that opportunity, but I realized I wanted more interaction, positive outcomes and patient responses.”

Now that she’s found her calling, Dr. Carroll says she most enjoys working with parents and children to help teach them about their health.

“You can really empower people by helping them learn,” says Dr. Carroll. “It’s a great feeling when I teach someone something they might not have known and when they come back, things are so much better or easier.”

Tots, Teens & Inbetweens

Dr. Carroll loves working with children of all ages and finds it fun to help them navigate their developmental years.

“I love being able to work with infants and young parents. As a relatively new mom myself, I know it is both a challenging and exciting time. Toddlers and young kids are fun to work with because they’re impressionable and imaginative.”

“I really enjoy working with teenagers, as well,” continues Dr. Carroll. “They are becoming the people they’ll be as adults. I can help them find the way along that path.”

Dr. Carroll says it’s humbling to be part of a child’s journey, helping them to reach their milestones and learn to take care of their health.

“Being a part of all the growth spurts, transitions and victories is what makes it worth it.”

Do as the Romans Do

A Marietta native, Dr. Carroll is excited about living in Rome not only because she’ll be closer to her family, but because it’s also a great place for her and her husband – who’s also a doctor – to raise their young son, Grant.

“Rome is a great place for my family,” she says. “It has all the amenities of a big city with the community feel we want. Now we’re able to raise our son where we can contribute to the community and in turn, the community helps us raise him.”

“We fell in love with Rome and Harbin,” says Dr. Carroll. “I really love the fact Harbin Pediatrics Rome focuses on outpatient medicine, and also works with residents and students at Floyd Medical Center. I enjoy the fast-paced environment of the hospital, so it makes for a good balance.”

Ardent sports fans, the Carrolls are looking forward to catching some local games. They also enjoy spending time outdoors and anticipate exploring the trails and rivers of Northwest Georgia.

More About Dr. Carroll

Dr. Carroll received her Doctor of Medicine degree from Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Dominica, and completed her Pediatric Residency at the University of Illinois at Peoria at OSF St. Francis Medical Center.

Dr. Carroll is certified by the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates and also holds certifications in Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation. Dr. Carroll is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics.