Patient Portal Login Upgrade

If you’re a Harbin Clinic patient, you may notice a new change the next time you log in to the patient portal.

That’s because of a recent patient portal login upgrade that not only increases your account security, but also allows you, the patient, to access your health records in new ways.

The portal itself remains unchanged. The only difference is, in order to log in, patients must register their current patient portal login credentials with an athenahealth account. Patients are prompted through this easy process the first time they log in to their portal since the upgrade.

What is athenahealth?

Athenahealth is a developer of electronic health record systems for medical practices and hospitals. Across a range of software products, athenahealth provides solutions for network-based medical records, patient relationships and coordination of care.

Since 2008, Harbin Clinic has used athenahealth for practice management and cross-provider communication with great success. This secure, reliable system has enabled Harbin Clinic to optimize patient care. It also gives patients access to their health information via the patient portal, allowing them to take control of their health.

So, Why the New Upgrade?

The patient portal login upgrade adds an improved layer of security to help confirm appropriate access to your account and health information.

With this new upgrade, you’ll be able to access more mobile-friendly tools such as the Health Records on iPhone (Apple Health) app, allowing you to actively engage in your health.

How to Log In

Once you reach the patient portal log in page, click on the purple “Log in with athenahealth” button and enter your existing patient portal username and password.

This will prompt you to a page where you must verify a security option (either a phone number or security question for account recovery) and confirm your demographics.

After these steps, each time you log into the portal, you’ll click on the “Log in with athenahealth” button and enter your username and password just like usual.

Below is an example of the new screens you’ll see the first time you set up your athenahealth login: 



While children age 13 and younger can’t have their own patient portal account, parents and guardians can set up an account for their kids through “Family Access” in the patient portal.

The patient portal is a convenient, secure tool providing 24-hour access to a variety of services from your computer or mobile device for every Harbin Clinic patient with an internet connection.  By allowing you to communicate directly with your physician's office and access your medical history, the portal ensures you are in charge of your healthcare.

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