Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Charles Pesson Offers Computer-Assisted Navigation for Total Knee Replacement Procedures

Harbin Clinic is a known leader for using the latest technology available in medicine to deliver world-class healthcare to its patients. With the August opening of a full-time orthopaedic office in Cartersville, Dr. Charles Pesson can now offer patients who undergo total knee replacement surgery the benefit of the most exciting use of orthopaedic technology in the last decade. New computer-assisted navigation allows Dr. Pesson to achieve precise positioning, sizing, and alignment during the procedure, and the reported results are favorable.

Such precision was difficult to achieve in the past because each person’s body is unique. Although differences may not seem apparent, each person’s knee looks and functions differently. “There is no guesswork with today’s computer technology,” said Dr. Pesson. “The technology allows me to see in real-time the mechanical axis of the leg which is unique to each individual.”

The process allows Dr. Pesson to map the patient’s anatomy and customize the surgery for more accurate positioning and balancing of the knee. Previous techniques often required several attempts during the procedure to perfectly position the knee. Improper positioning of the knee could lead to rapid failure and result in an early revision surgery. With the new technology, proper positioning helps achieve the maximum life of the implant. Interestingly, the length of the knee incision depends on the body characteristics of each patient, and, while it is a very visible component of the procedure, it is not the most significant. The essential element is the delicate process of replacing the joint.

“Harbin Clinic is a leader in orthopaedics, and we are excited to have Dr. Pesson leading our efforts in the Cartersville community,” said Harbin Clinic President and CEO Ken Davis, MD. “His commitment to perform technologically advanced procedures will be a huge benefit to our patients.”

Instruments used in computer-assisted total knee replacements are much smaller than those used with traditional methods, allowing Dr. Pesson to use a minimally invasive procedure that shortens recovery time. All of Dr. Pesson’s surgical procedures will be performed at Cartersville Medical Center.

“Dr. Pesson has been a renowned orthopaedic surgeon in the Atlanta-area for nearly twenty years and has performed successful operations on patients of all ages,” said Cartersville Medical Center President and CEO Keith Sandlin. “We are excited to have a surgeon with such depth of expertise as part of our team.”

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