Good nutrition is essential to a child's health and development. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to think of their nutritional decisions as health decisions. Click here to learn more about the essentials of nutrition from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

For parents of children 2 through 5 years old, help your preschooler eat well, be active, and healthy. The USDA has a section just for you, providing healthy nutrition information for preschoolers

For nutrition games, activities, recipes, and education visit USDA Choose My Plate.

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is epidemic. In Georgia, nearly one million children are obese.  This is a healthcare crisis and we are partnering with our patients’ parents to reverse and prevent obesity.  It is a difficult journey, but we know that by working together we can make healthy changes. We are participants in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life Program, a wellness movement to spark healthy changes and reverse the incidence of childhood obesity in Georgia.  Learn more at Strong4life.