Men, Stop Stressing & Follow These Simple Tips For Strong Mental Health

Family and relationships, finances, job stability, and the fast pace of life can stress men out. Stress is a condition that is often characterized by symptoms of physical or emotional tension, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

June is Men’s Health Month and serves as a great time for men to focus on fighting stress and taking time to relax.

Recognize You Are Stressed

The first step in managing stress is to recognize that you are stressed. It is important to know how to recognize high stress levels, so that you can take the proper course of action to handle it.

The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that only 30 percent of men report success in their efforts to manage stress. 

Controlling stress is a learned behavior, and changing unhealthy behaviors one at a time can help men cope with stress.

Managing Expectations

The expectations that men can place on themselves can lead to more stress. If expectations are unrealistic, place them on the backburner and make time for the things that matter most.

“Acknowledge that everything on your to-do list is not a priority,” says Harbin Clinic Psychologist Dr. Candice Claiborne. “Pick two to three things that need to be done immediately, and table the rest for another day.”

If you have a long to-do list, Dr. Claiborne offers a quick trick to help complete it.

“When working on your list, do the fun thing first. You’ll be able to tackle the items with a positive attitude afterwards,” says Dr. Claiborne.

Just Do It

Men aren’t renowned for setting time aside for themselves. Finding some time each day and making a priority to do things that help relieve stress is important.

“If men set a small goal each day to do something for themselves, it can make a big difference in helping to relieve the stress in their lives,” Dr. Claiborne says.

Men can set time aside each day to do one or more these items to help with stress:

  • Exercise for 30 minutes
  • Read a chapter of your favorite book
  • Treat yourself to a nice meal
  • Work on a hobby
  • Meditate

Participate, Don’t Isolate

Everyone gets stressed, but sometimes men aren’t the best at sharing their feelings. Having a person or people to be able to talk to about problems or stressors can go a long way to helping alleviate the problems.

Surround yourself with positive support and communicate your needs to others so that you are releasing your stress through communication.  

“Holding all those problems and issues inside isn’t healthy and can lead to even more stress and problems down the road,” Dr. Claiborne says. “Having a support group or even a support person who you can talk to about your issues is important.”

Harbin Clinic cares completely for your mental and physical health. If you’re feeling in need of more support than is available to you, contact Harbin Clinic Psychology to schedule an appointment.