Looking to start a career in healthcare? We have the perfect opportunity!

Have you been curious about starting a career in healthcare? Do you have a passion for helping others? Harbin Clinic is thrilled to offer an exciting and unique opportunity for those who seek a career in an environment known for caring completely. 

We’re hiring for a new position at Harbin Clinic, Back Office Technician. These essential team members will provide basic care to patients in the clinical setting and among many of our specialties. These individuals will work closely with a licensed nurse or a Certified Medical Assistant serving in a variety of clinic duties, such as measuring vital signs, documenting current medical history, and gathering details and health concerns from their patient at the time of their exam. This opportunity provides employees with hands-on experiences with patients and allows them to build relationships with Harbin Clinic certified medical professionals and physicians. 

Candidates selected will be hired into a paid eight-week, on-the-job training through Georgia Northwestern Technical College. No prior experience in the medical field is required. 

You can apply for the position here. Applications will be received through August 10th.