Live Well with Diabetes Workshop Starts August 7

Are you struggling to manage your diabetes?

Learn how to take back control at Living Well with Diabetes, presented by Harbin Clinic. This free, six-week workshop is open to all and will cover a range of strategies and tools to help you manage your diabetes and related symptoms.

The workshop meets every Tuesday for six consecutive weeks. The next session will begin on August 7, 2018 and continue until September 11, 2018 at Harbin Clinic Cancer Center, 255 West 5th Street.

Diabetes occurs when the body does not properly create or use insulin, resulting in elevated blood glucose levels. If left unchecked, diabetes can lead to a host of complications including eye, kidney and nerve damage. With the right tools, you can keep your diabetes in check and live your best life.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise are essential to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. At this workshop, you’ll learn how to plan low fat meals, read nutrition labels and practice proper food care. A healthy lifestyle can help you prevent or delay complications and stay one step ahead of your diabetes.

Don’t let diabetes keep you down. Make an action plan to stay happy and healthy in every way.  Join us to learn techniques for stress management, problem solving, communication with your physician and more. With these tools, you can stay at the top of your game and on top of your diabetes.