Hold The Phone! Harbin Clinic Phone Numbers Have Changed

When you’ve been around for more than 150 years like Harbin Clinic, sometimes your behind-the-scenes technology needs a little update.  When you call us we always strive to demonstrate that we care completely for you and your family, and that will never change.  However the phone number you call to reach your Harbin Clinic provider has changed.  In fact you can start calling new numbers today. Check out how to reach us below.

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Easy ways to reach us

We know changing your phone contacts can be a pain, so we’ve got all the new numbers ready for you.  Look up your provider through the Find a Doctor section on harbinclinic.com or find a practice location by specialty or cityYou'll get the new phone numbers you need in a snap!

Or to make it even easier on yourself, just download the Harbin Clinic mobile app so you can call any new Harbin Clinic phone number with the push of just one button.  You can even save all your providers in our handy “Care Team” section to find them more easily when you open the app.  Download the new app here for Apple or Android tablets and phones.

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Of course, if you are in a bind without the correct phone number, you can always call our toll-free line, 1-888-HARBIN1 (that’s 1-888-427-2461) and we will transfer you to your provider.

Did You Catch Those Area Codes?

Yes, we know that many of our new numbers have unusual area codes.  But we swear they are correct.  That’s another benefit to changing your Harbin Clinic phone numbers right away – if your phone has the right technology you’ll always know that the number with that crazy area code is Harbin calling.