Helping Children Deal With A Parent's Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is life-altering and bewildering to the most grounded of adults, but for a child the news that a parent or loved one has cancer is almost incomprehensible.  At Harbin Clinic Cancer Center we understand that before an adult can throw themselves into the fight of their lives, they want to be sure their young ones are wrapped in care.

Harbin Clinic partners with numerous cancer care organizations in the community such as Summit Quest, an organization with a specific mission to offer innovative programs to support and educate children with loved ones facing cancer.  Many of the organization’s efforts involve outdoor activities such as camping or other physical fun, but representatives from the organization also reach out to children to let them know there is a place for questions, support, and guidance tailored just for them.

Recently, Summit Quest Founder and Executive Director William James came to Harbin Clinic Cancer Center to meet with several young children and talk about how they could connect with the organization.  Each child was given an activity pack with a shirt, coloring book and person journal in which they can chronicle their thoughts as they process their loved one’s illness.  Their eyes lit with excitement when Mr. James mentioned that they could even possibly be part of a Tiger Flight, a chance for children to spend a day leaving their earthly troubles behind as they soar into the heavens on a Tiger Flight Foundation plane. 

Mr. James and members of his organization are always available to meet children with parents being treated at the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center, and his organization serves more than 100 families in the area each year.