Helpful Tips and Tricks To Battle Allergies

Itchy, watery eyes, a nose that won’t stop dripping, a hacking cough you can’t seem to shake and sneezing attacks that never seem to end.

These dreaded hallmarks of allergy season are miserable for those seeking relief, but Harbin Clinic Ear, Nose and Throat physicians aim to help Northwest Georgians take control of their allergies.

“Because we experience all four seasons in North Georgia, we treat a lot of sinus and allergy disease at our clinic. People walk through the door coughing and sneezing and with pressure headaches, and I tell them, ‘Welcome to the Allergy Capital of the Southeast,” says Otolaryngologist Dr. Mary Margaret Beauchamp.

DIY Tricks and Tips  

“We treat patients through a variety of different methods,” Dr. Beauchamp says. “It’s our goal to help people get their allergy symptoms under control so they can make each day count.”

Beauchamp has some helpful tips people can do to help keep allergic reactions at bay.

  • Changing out your air filters - If you have an HVAC system, changing the air filters every one to three months can help reduce the pollen count inside your house.
  • Who is that Masked Person? Wearing a dust or pollen mask when doing yard work helps reduce exposure to allergens.
  • Washing up - After spending time outdoors, be sure to wash your hands and arms to help rinse off excess dust, grass and pollen. It’s also a good idea to change clothes, because pollen can stick to your garments.
  • Watch the Clock – The worst time for pollen outdoors tends to be during the middle of the day, so it’s a good idea try to avoid being outside during that time.
  • Hot and Cold – Washing bed sheets and pillowcases in hot water can help reduce allergens. Freezing stuffed animals can help kill dust mites as well. Put the toy in a plastic bag and try to squeeze out as much air as possible then freeze it overnight. If your child can’t sleep without it, try to freeze it for at least three hours.

If non-medicinal methods are helping but not quite doing the trick, over-the-counter meds can help.

When allergies won’t quit

“If you have year-round allergies, including indoor allergies, we can give you some recommendations on how to better manage your home or work environment and talk to you about medications,” Dr. Beauchamp says.

The medical staff at Harbin Clinic Ear Nose and Throat Rome is passionate about helping people with chronic and seasonal allergies to be able to enjoy breezy springtime walks, sunny summer vacations and crisp fall and winter weather.

“We’re always working toward to the goal of improving their overall health so they can live their lives to the fullest,” Beauchamp says.

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