Harbin Clinic Gallery to Unveil “Inspiring Artists” Exhibit

With sculptures, pottery, watercolors and more, The Harbin Clinic Gallery at Makervillage is full of color and vibrant messages to educate and inspire the community with its fourth exhibit, “Inspiring Artists,” which opens Friday, September 27th.

The gallery features the works of local art professors and is open Fridays 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. through November 8th. On Tuesday, October 8th, the public is invited to the opening reception at 6 p.m. at Makervillage located at 252 N. 5th Ave. in downtown Rome.

The free event will have live music by Russell Cook and the Sweet Teeth for a night of fun with refreshments.

The professors whose art will be featured at the Inspiring Artists Gallery include:

Brad Adams, Berry College
Brian Barr, Berry College and Georgia Highlands College
Russell Cook, Georgia Highlands College
Dennis Ritter, Berry College

These local professors see their art as a medium for expressing abstract ideas about their experiences in life. Each artist brings a unique perspective and specialty to the exhibit. 

Associate Professor of Art Brad Adams focuses on the theme of gardens. Through drawings, painting and photographs, Adams hopes his work may continue the fundamental function of art, existing in the world and trying to make sense of what is experienced.

While art is an expressive outlet for many artists, Adjunct Instructor of Art Brian Barr sees his work as more of an exploration. Barr will often choose difficult subjects or set up challenging visual elements in order to test and expand his skills.

In a variety of media, Associate Professor Russell Cook approaches his work from a drawing perspective. Cook’s work often investigates the history of found objects and their relationship with the outside world.

Assistant Professor of Art Dennis Ritter sees art creation as an outlet for ideas which do not translate directly to the spoken word and as a medium for expressing abstract ideas about his surroundings and experiences. His work will include constructed pottery.

Handwritten statements from college students expressing what art means to them will also be on display. This display encourages people of all ages to express themselves in ways words cannot.

The Harbin Clinic Gallery has featured previous exhibits including Howard Finster and other folk artists, Harbin Clinic’s physicians and employees, Charles Wimpee and the works of various ‘Outsider” artists.