Harbin Clinic Spreads Colorful Cheer with Crayon Drive

Childhood days are often filled with belly aching laughter, playtime with friends outdoors, and coloring masterpieces for moms and dads to display around the home. Children inspire adults with their zest for life, colorful imaginations, and excitement for adventure. Unfortunately, the lives of children can be changed forever when illness or disease strikes.

When Harbin Clinic received news that Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite was in need of crayons for its patients, clinic employees rushed to help. Harbin Clinic and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have a long-standing relationship in caring for pediatric patients in northwest Georgia, so supporting an organization that gives so much to its own patients was a natural action. “At Harbin Clinic, we strive to care completely each day, and our physicians and employees always step up to the plate to lend a hand whenever there is a need. With one quick announcement, crayons began pouring in from our departments,” said Harbin Clinic Executive Director Kenna Stock.

Harbin Clinic also called a special young girl, who understands just how much a box of crayons can mean when Scottish Rite is the place you call home for 40 nights. Seven-year-old Sophie Piller, daughter of Harbin Clinic Orthopaedic Surgeon Christopher Piller, M.D., and wife Kathy Piller, joined the clinic as the official spokeswoman for the Harbin Clinic crayon drive. In December of 2013, Sophie received a diagnosis of hepatoblastoma, a rare form of cancer with approximately 100 cases each year. Over the next few months, Sophie would undergo surgery and chemotherapy, becoming a regular at Scottish Rite.

Sophie often toured the hospital to visit the library, the chapel, the cafeteria, and Starbucks, but one of her favorite activities while at Scottish Rite was coloring. “I used boxes and boxes of crayons while I was in the hospital, and I know just how much these crayons mean to all the kids who are in the hospital now,” said Sophie. After Harbin Clinic physicians and employees donated over 1,000 boxes of crayons, Sophie and her mom Kathy delivered the crayons to Scottish Rite during a routine check-up for Sophie. According to Sophie, “It was awesome to know I was bringing a rainbow of color to the children currently fighting to get well.”

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