Harbin Clinic Practices, Providers win Best of Rome

It's a record year for Harbin Clinic after voters throughout Floyd County turned out in droves for the Rome News Tribune’s Best of Rome awards.

Nine Harbin Clinic practices and 33 healthcare providers made the cut as the people of Northwest Georgia picked Harbin Clinic practices and providers as their top choice for healthcare. 

We want to thank you for letting us care completely for you. If there were a “Best of Patients” awards, you’d get our vote, too.

Harbin Clinic Practices

Urgent Care
Harbin Clinic Immediate Care – 1st Place

Orthopedic Group
Harbin Clinic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Rome – 1st Place

Pediatric Group
Harbin Clinic Pediatrics Rome – 1st Place

ENT Group
Harbin Clinic ENT & Allergy Rome – 1st Place

Eye Care Group
Harbin Clinic Eye Center – 1st Place

Gastroenterologist Group
Harbin Clinic Gastroenterology Rome – 1st Place

Hearing Center
Harbin Clinic Audiology Rome – 1st Place

Dermatology Group
Harbin Clinic Dermatology Rome – 2nd Place

Physical Therapy Center
Harbin Clinic Physical Therapy, Rome – 3rd Place

Healthcare Providers

Cardiology/Vascular Specialist
Dr. Charles Jackson – 1st Place
Dr. Himanshu Patel – 2nd Place
Dr. Charles Baggett – 3rd Place

Dr. William Hunter – 1st Place
Dr. Mack Burt – 3rd Place

Dr. Julia Girad – 3rd Place

ENT Specialist
Dr. Robert King – 1st Place
Dr. Mary Margeret Beauchamp – 2nd Place

Family Doctor
Dr. Frank L. Hampton – 1st Place
Dr. Robert Puckett, Jr – 2nd Place
Dr. Brian McNiece – 3rd Place

Dr. George Goldin – 1st Place
Dr. Stephen Finn – 2nd Place

Hearing Professional
Dr. Sarah Canessa, AuD – 2nd place

Internal Medicine Doctor
Dr. Amar K Singh – 2nd Place
Dr. Joseph W. Baker – 3rd Place

Nurse Practitioner
Heather Hickman, CPNP – 1st Place

Dr. Raymond Jarvis – 2nd Place
Dr. Diana Vallecilla – 3rd Place

Dr. Paul Harton – 1st Place
Dr. David Herren – 2nd Place

Dr. Bruce Bell – 1st Place

Dr. Brad Bushnell – 1st Place
Dr. Mark Floyd – 2nd Place

Dr. Todd Kelley -1st Place
Dr. Roberseen Howard – 2nd Place
Dr. Caroline Yaphockun – 3rd Place

Physical Therapist
Bill Hudgins – 3rd Place

Physician Assistant
Ashley Gaulin, PA-C – 1st Place
Josh Cutshall, PA-C – 2nd Place
Armando Montana – 3rd Place