Harbin Clinic Orthopaedic Surgeons & Sports Medicine Physicians Ready to Help Local Prep Athletes

The 2016 high school sports has started and as local athletes take to the fields, trails, courts, diamonds and more, Harbin Clinic doctors will be there to help if any injuries occur.

Dr. Brad Bushnell, Dr. Christopher Piller, Dr. Mark Floyd, Dr. Randall Anderson and Dr. Jason Rogers of Harbin Clinic Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Rome bring decades of experience to the sidelines, helping to give local coaches, athletes and parents peace of mind.

As team physicians for Armuchee High School, Rome High School, Trion High School and Berry College, Harbin Clinic doctors work with coaches, athletic directors and trainers to ensure athletes get the best possible care. And if injuries occur, Harbin doctors are ready to act and give the best possible treatment.

“I truly enjoy getting to work with and spend time with athletes of all ages and abilities. Whether it’s a Rome Middle School athlete, a varsity stand out from Berry College or even a professional baseball player with the Rome Braves, they are all unique patients in many ways,” Dr. Bushnell says. “All of them have different demands on their bodies and can suffer injuries. My goal is to make sure if they do get hurt, we can get them back on the playing field quickly”

When injuries do occur, Harbin Clinic doctors are ready to help heal the athlete and also educate both the athlete and parent.

“When injuries do happen, we talk with parents and athletes and educate them on what has happened, what the prognosis is and the plans we have,” Dr. Piller says. “The key is ensuring the player recovers from injury, so they can go about life and return to playing the sport they love.”

Standing on the sidelines gives Harbin Clinic doctors a front-row seat to watch and care for local athletes. And this tradition stretches back many years for several teams.

“We don’t just watch over these athletes during the season, but we monitor them in the off-season to help prevent injuries as well.  Our long-term relationships with the schools show that we are truly part of the team,” Dr. Piller says

Harbin Clinic also plays host to a walk-in, sports injury clinic every Monday from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., allowing local athletes to be diagnosed and treated without an appointment. The clinic focuses on the specific needs of athletes with the goal of getting them back on the playing field fit and ready to perform.

“Our aim is to get players back into action as soon as possible, but we are always concerned about the athlete’s long-term well-being,” Dr. Floyd says. “These are young athletes with their whole lives ahead of them. We want to ensure they don’t have long-term problems.”

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