Harbin Clinic Ophthalmologist receives prestigious award for third consecutive year

Harbin Clinic Eye Center Ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Harton recently received a prestigious “Best Paper of Session” Award at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons meeting in San Diego, California.

Thousands of Ophthalmologists and Industry Representatives from around the world attend the annual ASCRS meeting. The BPOS honor is given by a panel of peers for the most original and medically relevant research in an individual session. This marks the third year that Dr. Harton’s paper has been chosen for the BPOS award.

Dr. Harton works with 2012 Ophthalmology Hall of Fame inductee, Dr. Jack Holladay, to improve the accuracy of intraocular lens implant (IOL) calculations for cataract surgery patients. There are only a few physicians in the world performing this particular high resolution ultrasonic research.

The research collects high-resolution ultrasound images of cataract surgery patients before surgery to help visualize structures inside the eye. “My hope is that these images will make it possible to more accurately predict where the lens implant will come to rest after cataract surgery,” said Dr. Harton. “Better prediction of the final lens implant position can improve accuracy of cataract surgery and further reduce the patient's need for glasses afterwards. Even one millimeter in terms of lens positioning can mean a much better result for patients.”