Harbin Clinic Neurosurgeon Discusses Head Injuries at Seminar

“Every day 138 people in the US die from injuries that include traumatic brain injuries. Increasing awareness of head injuries should be a very significant issue from a social standpoint,” Harbin Clinic Neurosurgeon Dr. Daniel Webb told the audience on Thursday during a Wellness Works Seminar at Redmond Regional Medical Center.

The seminar focused on preventing dangerous head injuries during outdoor activities and sports.  Dr. Webb spoke to the crowd about the causes of traumatic brain injuries and how to prevent them while participating in physical activity. He also noted the importance for people of all ages to safely practice physical activities and outdoor sports, so a head injury doesn’t impede summer fun. 

The demographic group most affected by the two biggest causes of brain injuries, falls and unintentional blunt trauma, are typically children and seniors. However, men and young adults also have high risks of head injuries due to their participation in sports and outdoor activities.

Dr. Webb urged the audience to be more aware of the injuries athletes can sustain from playing sports. From neighborhood baseball to collegiate and professional sports, all athletes can be equally affected by brain injuries. The best way to prevent brain injuries is to ensure athletes are wearing properly fitted headgear for their activity.

“Preventing a head injury from your summer activities is all about doing the right things,” Dr. Webb said. “Have fun, but know your limitations and have common sense.  Those precautions can really help us prevent a lot of these injuries that we end up seeing in the emergency room.”

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