Harbin Clinic Names New Assistant Medical Directors

Harbin Clinic announces today that it has created three new assistant medical director positions, each focusing on an important aspect of patient care or healthcare operations.  With this new structure Harbin clearly demonstrates a commitment to continued physician leadership.  While extremely important, each position’s responsibilities will only entail a portion of the physician’s time to allow them to continue practicing medicine.

 “This is a time of tremendous growth and change, both for the medical field and for Harbin Clinic,” said CEO Dr. Ken Davis.  “The purpose of these positions is to ensure that new policies, technology solutions and workflows will help our physicians deliver even higher quality care to Harbin Clinic patients.  And because these are practicing physicians, they are uniquely qualified to understand the challenges the medical field is facing today.”

Dr. Marc M. Dean

Assistant Medical Director of Clinical Informatics

Dr. Marc Dean

Dr. Marc Dean has been named as assistant medical director of clinical informatics.  With Harbin since 2006, Dr. Dean is an obstetrician/gynecologist at Harbin Clinic Women’s Center Rome.  Dr. Dean graduated from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, obtained his medical degree from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson, and completed his residency in OB/GYat Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Dean’s responsibilities include advising the information technology services department to ensure that systems work well across medical practices and in other vital areas such as the lab and imaging.

“We live in an age that technology affects all aspects of our lives, including medicine.  It is the lifeblood of any medical group and one of the benefits that Harbin patients experience.  When patients are seen at any Harbin facility, they can be assured that all information is available to provide the best clinical care for them.  With so many new tools becoming available to patients and their providers, such as remote monitoring of diseases, telemedicine, improved electronic health records and improved ways for patients and their providers to communicate with each other, it is an exciting time in the practice of medicine.  I hope to assist our Harbin providers in using these new and emerging tools to provide the best possible patient care and continually improving patient experience.”

Dr. Kelly Mayfield

Assistant Medical Director of Medical Malpractice, Risk Management & Compliance

Dr. Kelly Mayfield

With Harbin Clinic General Surgery Rome since 2007, Dr. Mayfield graduated from the University of Georgia, received his medical degree from the Emory University School of Medicine and completed internshipand residency in general surgery at Emory.  He is certified by the American Board of Surgery.

As the new assistant director of medical malpractice, risk management & compliance, Dr. Mayfield will chair Harbin’s quality assurance committee and provide oversight for important internal Harbin Clinic initiatives such as best practices, risk management and other programs designed to support physician wellness so that they can give their best to patients.

“Quality patient care is our guiding principle at Harbin Clinic,” said Dr. Mayfield.  “We maintain rigorous standards for patient safety and care, and I look forward to working with administration and my physician partners to continue enhancing these crucial areas.”

Assistant Medical Director of Clinical Integration & Improvement

The search for the new assistant medical director of clinical integration & improvement is ongoing.  When named, the physician in this position will provide medical leadership for the operations related to Harbin’s relationships with payers and population health strategies.  Harbin Clinic expects to fill this role at a later date.