Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Cartersville Welcomes Dr. Donna Gregory

Dr. Donna Gregory’s quest is to help you become the champion of your health.

As a family medicine physician, she works on the frontline with her patients to help identify their wellness objectives and structure action plans so they achieve their best health.

“So much of our wellbeing lies in our hands to control,” says Dr. Gregory. “I have an opportunity to guide the people I treat and help them make wise, healthy choices. By changing certain behaviors, we can align ourselves with our personal health goals.”

Having grown up in Rome, Ga., Dr. Gregory is no stranger to Harbin Clinic. 

“All of my extended family went to Harbin Clinic for their medical care and I have a lot of memories of visiting the clinic,” she recalls. “There were these stair-step fountains in the lobby of 1825 that were really cool when you were a little kid. Now I consider it an honor to be part of the Harbin family of physicians at this stage in my career.”

Dr. Gregory joins Harbin Clinic Family Medicine Cartersville, and Dr. Jayson Fields says she is an excellent addition to the team.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Gregory to our practice,” says Dr. Fields. “Her medical training and abilities coupled with her desire to heal and enhance the wellness of her patients fits perfectly with our mission to care completely for the families of Bartow County.”

A Passion for Wellness

While she was growing up, routine visits to the doctor had a positive impact on Dr. Gregory which influenced her to later go into medicine herself.

“I was amazed by how an hour with a physician could totally change the trajectory of your life,” says Dr. Gregory. “It meant a lot to me that my own physicians offered real solutions and helped me thrive. Because of their knowledge, skill set and wisdom, the treatments I received as a child had a tremendous impact on me.”

Some of her fondest memories as a physician harken back to when she served as “Camp Doctor” for a few years at WinShape Summer Camp at Berry College when her sons were children.

“Picture a bunch of young, happy, healthy kids who are homesick or have a stomach ache, or standard bumps and bruises and bee stings,” she says, chuckling. “Some campers did have some serious medical problems, like diabetes, blood disorders and anxiety, so it was awesome making sure they had a normal camp experience, too. That was the most fun I’ve ever had as a doctor.”

Take Charge of Your Health

Her main goal as a family physician, says Dr. Gregory, is to help her patients feel in charge of their health.

“We can’t change our genetics but we can optimize the physical bodies we’ve been given,” explains Dr. Gregory. “We decide what we put in them and how we care for them. To a large extent, we control how strong and healthy we can be.”

She says common medical issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol run in her own family, but maintaining a healthy diet and exercising helps her combat those ailments. Dr. Gregory strives to help her patients do the same.

“I think so many people end up thinking of themselves as the sum total of their medical problems, but that doesn’t have to be the case,” she says. “You can still live a full, enjoyable life. I help patients identify their health goals, and together we come up with a game plan that they can own and implement.”

More About Dr. Gregory

Dr. Gregory and her family reside in Canton, and she says she enjoys being active in Northwest Georgia.

“This area has been my home most of my life, and I love the southern hospitality, the access to outdoor activities, rivers, lakes and mountains,” says Dr. Gregory, adding that one of her greatest hobbies is exercising.

“I run and do crossfit, and I’ve recently gotten into Thai boxing,” she says. “I also enjoy painting and watching my two teenage sons grow up. My oldest, Tanner, has his private pilot’s license. It’s a thrill to trust your son to tour you around North Georgia in a two-seater plane.”

After graduating from Mercer University in Macon, Ga. with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry, Dr. Gregory received her Medical Doctorate degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

She completed both her internship and residency in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tenn. Dr. Gregory is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.