Harbin Clinic Certified Audiologist to Provide Free Hearing Aid Evaluations May 19 - 30

Did you know that in the United States alone there is an estimated 36 million people with hearing loss? If left untreated, hearing loss can result in communication difficulties, which research has shown can lead to isolation, depression, increased anxiety, and other physical and emotional health problems. That is why Harbin Clinic Audiologists are offering free hearing aid evaluations during Better Speech and Hearing Month.

Signs that you may need a hearing aid evaluation:

  • You have trouble understanding speech, especially in noisy places
  • Others seem to be mumbling
  • Others complain that your radio or television is too loud
Appointments are available for adults ages 55 and up, and will be held Monday, May 19th through Friday, May 30th.  To make an appointment in Rome or Cartersville, please call 762-235-2280.